Our Mission and Vision: For all children to reach their full potential independently and collaborative as they become a part of our communities. Developing social skills and since of worth thorough contributions and education that nurtures the child’s spirit and intellect.

Based on Maria Montessori’s Philosophy and a kinaesthetic approach to education that addresses the whole child from all angels hands on learning meets the needs of the child social/emotionally, physical, and academically. The environment is carefully prepared every morning so that every child entering is set up for their individual success. Children build and strengthen their fine and large motor skills while moving freely and working independently in a group setting. Children developing a sense of community and pride in ownership of their classroom, in which, they care for and maintain. Children are empowered to use their words to communicate and resolve problems in a peaceful manner.

Our teachers observe and provide guidance and lessons on an individual level in math and language as well as group lessons in History, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Art, and Culture.

“Children taught a “LOVE for LEARNING” are lifetime learners” M.Roblero

McKenzie Montessori Institute offers year round Montessori Education with scheduled breaks and holidays.

  • Infant & Wobbler Classes – 6 weeks to 2 years
  • Toddler Classes – 2 years to 3 years
  • Primary/Kindergarten Classes – 3 years to 6 years
  • Kindergarten/Elementary Class – 5 years to 8 years